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Death Valley Sunrise
I got up early in June 2013 to capture the sunrise on the Dunes in Death Valley. It was already around 100 F. Walking in the sand was hard and I wanted to shot them untouched. But when I got there some fool was on top taking a picture of the sunrise. To top it off he walked all over them. However I was lucky in the patten he walked added some interesting texture and capturing him talking photos added a different touch.

Orig image in PSB format is 1.5GB had to re-size to JPG 40 MP to upload
Image size 137W X 17H inches
Nikon D800 with the 28-300 Lens shot at 116mm
27 images (9 shots x 3 bracketing HDR)

There are 4 photographers in this image. Two have only their heads showing above a dune. The tallest dune has a dot on the top right. A Photographer shooting the sunrise. Another photo show this better on this site. In full resolution it is easy to see everything.

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